Bacon and Eggs - How Magic Influenced the Enlightenment and Early Scientific Method

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    Francis Bacon, B. 22nd January 1561
    Artist, Writer, Philosopher, proponent of scientific method, sometimes credited with organising the production of the works of Shakespeare.

    I propose that Bacon is to blame for the current Science v Religion debate.

    Which came first? The chicken or the egg? Science or religion? Religion or science? Or both... and is science in fact the basis of religion? After all, most early, astrological myth springs from observation and measurement of the movement of the stars and behaviour of the planet. And then what? Suddenly those observations become narratives, those narratives become dogma, the dogma becomes sacred and science become the Heretic.


    Ten Facts About Bacon

    1. He served the Court of Queen Elizabeth the 1st of England.

    2. He was the author of the book 'A New Atlantis' , which set out the principles of a new society to be established in the New World (America) .

    3. He developed the Baconian Method of scientific observation and interpretation.

    "In the aphorism which concludes Book I of Novum organum, two rules of scientific procedure are emphasized: "to drop all preconceived notions and make a fresh start; and … to refrain for a while from trying to rise to the most general conclusions or even near to them." The fresh start requires the mind to overcome the influence of four "ldols," tendencies that inhibit the search for truth. The Idols of the Tribe are common to mankind generally. The Idols of the Cave are the tendencies of each man to see truth in relation to his own particular interests and disposition. The Idols of the Theater are the traditional philosophical systems. The Idols of the Market Place are errors that arise from language."

    4. He was well acquainted with the Queen's special friends, R Dudley of Leicester and R. Devereux, Earl of Essex, until he testified against him for treason.

    5. Bacon has been suspected of being the real 'William Shakespeare', organising a team of literary
    experts to write the plays to support the political agenda of the Royal Court.

    6. His family had a long history of close involvement and statutory roles with the Kings
    and Queens of England, including 'Keeper of the Great Seal.'

    7. Bacon was adopted

    8. Bacon met and consulted with Royal philosopher and magus, Dr John Dee whose work had a major
    influence on the Court of Elizabeth 1st. (Some suggest that the magician Prospero, in The Tempest is based on Dee.)

    9. Under King James I, (A Scot and a Protestant) Bacon had to exercise more caution in pushing forward any new scientific method or attachment to esoteric, mathematical or Hermetic influences.

    10. The Royal Society, (The British mouthpiece and authority of advancement in science) now over 350 years old, was established by the followers of Francis Bacon. In fact the first gathering of the society was for a talk given by none other than astronomer Christopher Wren, architect of St Paul's Cathedral, London. (1660)

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