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    There are a few episodes prior to this one. But this is, I think, the most succinct and the best recording and re-editing I have thus far. So, HIJAC is a podcast project, it's a bit of a spin off from THA Talks where I had been co-hosting on occasion for 2 years.

    I like radio, its fun and it is something I had been thinking of doing for quite a while but without an idea of how exactly to start. And when the opportunity became available to me I first had to ride out an interesting amalgamation of attack and illness which landed me in the hospital for 2 weeks.

    Nothing like dilaudid and death to make one consider one's path right?

    I had begun speaking with Paul at THA Talks after a degrees of separation exploration on YouTube. Following a few emails he asked if I'd like to come on the show and have a chat with a few guests. I agreed and actually set up the first interview with Mark Sargent of Flat Earth infamy.

    It wasn't until July 2015 we got it 'in the can' so to speak and from there I did the odd show until both veteran hosts of the show needed to take time off in order to do "Shakespeare Tonight" a fun experience in 'Imagine If" on stage in London.

    I did a few shows solo. And while the processing had to go through Paul I had enjoyed the process of contacting guests, setting up times, recording and simply having a conversation about what ever it was they were considered to be well versed in.

    The topics included Off-The-Grid / Organic Farming, Evangelistic Aliens & Hollow Earth, a new taxation plan for the USA and Astrology with Miss Stefanie James.

    The Last was so much fun that Steff and I played with doing our own thing. Getting into different topics and providing another avenue to keep regular content flowing on the THA Network.

    So we recorded interviews with a handful of guests and continued to plan for the whatever would come next, which leads up to now.

    Steff & I are ready to launch HIJAC as a separate entity from THA Talks we are doing all the work ourselves and hope to put out more thought provoking and taboo pushing topics wherein the tag line becomes apparent in its simplicity.

    <HIJAC Is: Hey, It's Just A Conversation>

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